SCAR MV 1000 automatic plate loader-unloader

SCAR MV 1000 automatic plate loader-unloader

Automatic loader for loading and unloading marble slabs.

Automatic trolley with tilting table for loading the slabs.

The work areas of the robots are protected by safety fences; the electrical control panel is located outside the same.

The normal capacity is 10.000,0 kg;

They can be used both in bush-hammering / flaming lines and in polishing lines or other automatic lines.

Structure of the machine

Trolley with very thick “U” profile structure, electro-welded with machined support parts.

Longitudinal movement on rails, by means of 4 flat wheels with stop.

Lifting of the tilting bench and of the suction cup arms, by means of hydraulic cylinders.

During the loading phase, the trolley, by means of the vacuum generated by the pump, picks up through the suction cup arm, the slabs positioned on the side on trestles and moving on the appropriate rails, it positions itself next to the first conveyor of the polishing line, to which by means of the motorized rollers, will deliver the plate just loaded.

In the unloading phase, at the end of the polishing line, the Trolley will receive the polished slab from the last conveyor, it will move on the special roraie, going to position itself in front of the trestles on which the processed slabs are stored; once the trolley is in position, the suction cup arms intervene which will lift the slab, placing it on the edge on the respective support stands.

Technical features

  • Carriage length: 3.700,0 mm
  • Carriage width: 2.400,0 mm
  • Maximum width of the slab that can be loaded: 1,000.0 mm
  • Worktop height: 750,0 mm
  • Maximum capacity of the paving: 10.000,0 kg
  • Sliding roller speed: 0 ÷ 4.000,0 mm / min
  • Pneumatic pressure of the pneumatic vacuum system: 8 bar
  • Installed power: 7,0 kW
  • Trolley weight: 1.680,0 Kg