Automatic bridge saw 3600

Officine M.V. presents its Frecontrol 3600 machine, ideal for stony working. This is an innovative bridge saw easy to use (self-learning) and with programmable working cycles.


Struttura della macchina

Frecontrol 3600 guarantees a great flexibility and offers different production’s technological solutions either for marble or granite slabs. It’s suitable either for big productions, either for sophisticated manufacturing with artistical value.


Up/Down head’s motion  (Z axle)600 mm
Working bench rotation0° / +360°
Working bench dimension3500 X 1800 mm
Max cutting depth220 mm
Cut-off wheel diameter500mm / 750mm
Rotation of the spindle disk0° – 90°
Sliding and mechanical horizontal activationsProtected and in oil bath
Water consumption recommended55 lt/min
Power installed35 kW
Unvaried cutting depth 
Milling machine for marble and ganite, cut with automatic rotation of the working bench 
Cut with inclined disk 
Shape cutting with disk at 0° 
Shape cutting with disk at 90° 
Template reproduction for self-learning 
99 programs where it could be decided: 
 –       Cutting type

–       Cutting depth

–       Beam direction (Y axle, cut back and forward)

–       Bilateral cutting (the wagon, X axle, cuts from right to left, or in the way back)

Each program has 99 steps, and for each one could be decided the number of pieces and the width
Adjustable speed for each axle–       Fast Forward

–       Fast Back

–       Slow Forward

–       Slow Back

Axle X?s speed (Wagon) adjustable, also with potentiometer 
Possibility to work with the X axle (wagon) with end position hardware and software
Possibility of self-learning of 4 end position software:–       2 cutting with working bench at 0°

–       2 cutting with working bench at 90°

All the machine’s movements have inverter motors and are controlled by the system.
Positioning with blacklash recovery
Automatic calculation of inactivity
Conversion from millimeters to inches

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