Blockcutter wit air unloader

This machine presents a 4-column frame that works with fixed block, this is useful for the production of stripes with 460 mm of maximum high and with a width between 10 mm and 80 mm.


Struttura della macchina

The supporting structure, the bridge and the disk-carrying wagon are made of heavy carpentry.

The carrying-disk wagon is moved by a “V” track system in oil bath, by means of gearmotor/ rack/pinion.

The wagon, made of a closed structure very strong, contains the compartment of the spindle (that carries the vertical disks) and the connection for the horizontal-disks’ unit, for the main motor, for the slide and the contrast wheels.

The automatic air unloader (optional) scrolls on fixed slides on top of the columns. The unloader is controlled by PLC and programmed to unload the stripes in vertical and horizontal position.


  • Vertical disk’s diameter900-1200 mm
    Horizontal disk’s diameter350 mm
    Max useful block’s length3500 mm
    Max useful block’s high2100 mm
    Max useful block’s width2200 mm
    Machine’s length7000 mm
    Machine’s width5000 mm
    Machine’s high4300 mm
    Water consumption290 lt/min
    Power installed160 kw
    Overall machine’s weight13000 kg


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