Bridge saw 3600 with six interpolated axles

Bridge Saw with a strong structure, powerful and fast motorization systems to complete several productions (also contouring), thanks to – an electro-spindle tilting until 90°, – an automatic working bench rotating at 360° – and a lathe attached to the working bench.


Struttura della macchina

The supporting beam is made of steel and presents a significant thickness with 2 slides and the wagon is of hardened steel. The painting has been done after complete sandblasting with bi-component colors multilayer.

The on-board control panel is easy to use.

The carrying disk wagon slides on hardened wheels. This guarantees high speed, precision and duration.

All the moving components and scrolling slides are covered with protections and bellows in order to prevent damages due to water and dust.

All the movements of the six interpolated axles are activated by high precision brushless motors, movements transmitted to the machine through gears and gear racks hardened.



Vertical head’s motion (Z axle)800 mm
Longitudinal motion (Y axle)3800 mm
Transversal motion (X axle)4500 mm
Maximum cutting depth220 mm
Cut-off wheel diameter500 mm – 750 mm
Water consumption recommended55 lt/min
Power installed37 KW
All the axles are interpolated with each other
Electro-spindle with speed vector control, from 0 to 6500 rpm Kw 22, with surface mounting ISO 50 tilting at 90°
Automatic and rotating interpolated working bench:0° – 360°
For continuous operation processing+/- 360° 3500 – 1800 mm
Milling machine for marble and granite
Axles’ speed:–       X Axle: 20.000 mm/min

–       Y Axle: 20.000 mm/min

–       Z Axle: 10.000 mm/min

–       A Axle: 1.800 gradi/min

–       B Axle: 600 gradi/min

–       C Axle: 800 gradi/min

End Run
Disk Lubrication

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