Bridge saw control CNC

This Bridge Saw Control has 5 interpolated axles and it’s a unit for stony working of stabs, blocks and street or house’s furniture.


Struttura della macchina

The machine is composed of:

  • A milling machine with a tilting spindles’ group for incremental productions and with a rotating and tilting working bench. Moreover, the disk can create outlines on vertical and/or horizontal level.
  • A shape-milling machine on horizontal or vertical level. There’s also the possibility to add a working bench in order to attach supporting suction cups.
  • A lathe (that can be assembled on the machine’s bench) for columns, capitals to create decorations

All the machine’s movement are motorized, with brushless and inverter motors. Particular attention has been put in choosing the reducers; the linear actuations are due to recirculating ball screw. The beam and the wagon run on linear ball bearing in oil bath, and the two spindle’s slides assume a “V” form. countering spindle’s wheel on “V” slides.

The machine is lubricated in each of its components thanks to an automatic doser.

The Frecontrol Officine MV unit ensures the intrapolar movement, that can be linear and/or helicoidal in three axles (x,y,z), where “z” could be either the vertical axle of the disk’s spindle or of the countering and polisher spindle, while the rotatory axle of the machine’s working bench or of the lathe ha a constant movement and the axles are kept in a stable position.

The productions collected by the Frecontrol Office MV unit, could be implemented as firmware functions to control the axles, or as program part written in G-code (as practice for the working center).

The G-code language implemented on the machine’s numerical control includes also high-level commands, that simplifies the realization of complex cycles and the use of self-learned coordination.

It’s also possible to use applications such as CAD-CAM to automatically generate part program, when particularly complex productions must be completed.

This machine is suitable also for the sawmill, with mass production, or as laboratory, with artistic production, both when the product’s characteristics are quality, cut precision and form complexity.

The Frecontrol Officine MV unit is a programmable machine either through console, through specific software for particular productions on stony material, or through PC where have been drawn appropriate template with standardized software.


  • Up/Down head’s motion (Z axle)600 mm
    Working bench rotation-5° / +365°
    Head’s inclination (A axle)0° / +90°
    Max. cut-off wheel diameter625 mm /750 mm
    Max. Cutting depth250 mm
    Working bench dimension2000 mm X 3500 mm
    Power of the cutting disk motor25 kW
    Machine overall Weight6200 kg
    Water consumption recommended45 lt/min
    Power installed37 KW

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