Cementing unit

Useful machine for grouting of marble and stony stripes.


Struttura della macchina

The machine is composed of three units:


  • A roller conveyor with idle rollers with adjustable guidelines for alignment and a blower with the possibility to regulate its inclination, for drying the strips entering the cementing machine (optional)
  • A cementing unit with three spindles, and with a scrolling belt regulated through inverter.
  • A roller conveyor with idle rollers that receives and unloads the stripes, fastened to the extremity of the cementing machine (optional).


The stripes are laid one near the other, and then they enter the cementing machine. These are moved by the scrolling belt and positioned under the three spindles.

Each spindle has three rotating spatulas, activated by the gearmotor, that spread the cementing dough on the surface of the stripes. The cementing dough is contained in a container under each spindle.


The machine has

  • A grounded frame supported by four piers.
  • The bench frame, where the scrolling belt moves the stipes, that is mounted over the grounded frame thanks to eight piers.
  • Carrying-spindles tilting frame (which can be open). The tilting frame supports three spindles that transmits the rotation movement to the spatulas. This frame is opened by hydraulic pump.



Max. workable width450- 650 mm
Max. workable thickness60 mm
Min. workable thickness7 mm
Number of spindles with spatulas3
Scrolling belt’s speed0 – 3000 mm/min
Machine’s overall length6000 mm
Machine’s overall width1150 mm
Machine’s overall high1800 mm
Machine’s overall weight1800
Overall power installed7,5 kw
Mains frequency50 Hz
Mains voltage400 V
Phases of electricity supply3

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