Horizontal end-milling machine with electro-spindle

Machine dedicated to the transversal cut of marble and granite strips, through electro-spindle with cutting wheel. Equipped with plumbing tank. Carrying disk wagon moves thanks to a inverter motor. Material scrolling on the roller bench. The cut is perpendicular to the scrolling direction of the stripes.


Struttura della macchina

This End-milling machine is made of slabs and electro-welded folded in heavy carpentry, where lays the tube-shaped scrolling bench.

The wagon’s scrolling branch, that carries the electro-spindle, is also fixed to the base. The wagon, that carries the electro-spindle, scrolls on “V” slides in oil bath; the pinion-rack transmission guarantees a better solidity and cutting precision.



Stripes’ cutting thickness0 – 80 mm
Stripes’ cutting widthForm 0 to 620 mm
Stripes’ cutting lengthOn request (with regulation each 50mm)
Cutting utensil’s diameter400mm – 450 mm
Bench’s length3000 mm
Machine’s thickness1890 mm
Machine’s high1880 mm
Support base (length)1100 mm
Support base (thickness)1350 mm
Water consumption recommended for cooling15lt/min
Max pressure of pneumatic system8 bar
Machine overall Weight1650 kg
Power installed12 KW

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