Monobloc bridge saw

Automatic bridge saw with swivel head, for multiple cut, such as: – Slab’s cut to length – Creation of construction elements, mostly rectangular and square, used for coverings and pavements. – Sloped cut, tilting head until 50°


Struttura della macchina

The monobloc structure doesn’t need any kind of groundwork, allowing a quick installation and start.

The steel electro-welded beam hosts the wagon’s sliding guides, that support the spindle.

The beam slides on the runways along the Y axle.


Up/Down head’s motion (Z axle)400 mm
Longitudinal motion (Y axle)3500 mm
Transversal motion (X axle)1800 mm
disk-holding head’s rotation-5° – + 365°
Head’s inclination (A axle)0° – +50°
Maximum cutting depth200 mm
Working bench dimension2000 mm x 3500 mm
Max. cut-off wheel diameter625 mm
Longitudinal motionin an oil bath
Transversal motionIn an oil bath
Cutting disk’s Engine Power15 KW
Machine’s overall Weight5100 kg
Water consumption recommended40 lt/min
Power installed28 KW

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