Multiple and automatic end-milling machine

This machine can accomplish a multiple transversal cut of marble and granite strips, in order to produce tiles.


Struttura della macchina

This End-milling machine is composed of a belt bench with automatic movement where the stripes lay.

The group of pressers ensures a correct longitudinal lineup of the stripes. The utensil’s bridge is made of 6 or more electro-spindle and creates a cut to length moving along the transversal axle.

The quote decided determinates the distance between two disks/ utensils adjacent and establishes the tile’s length.

The quote between the two disks can be obtained by moving the respective wagons arranged on the console or on the button table.


Machine’s length3330 mm (for 6 cutting heads)
Machine’s width2220 mm
Cutting disks’ diameter350 mm
Number of cutting disks5
Stripes’ cutting width650 mm
Stripes’ Cutting thickness80 mm
Stripes’ cutting lengthOn request
Water consumption recommended for cooling90 lt/min
Max pressure of pneumatic system8 bar
Single electro-spindle’s power4 kW
Power installed32 KW
Mains frequency50 Hz
Mains voltage400 V
Phases of electricity supply3
Machine’s overall weight4600 kg

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