“Tiles 600” line for marble and granite

The system is transfer line with adjustable frequency, or with a continual flow. It allows the transformation of marble or granite sheets, known as stripes, in tiles, calibrated in their thickness and on their four sides. The tile finally is dried and brushed, and finally ready for the appropriate packing.


Struttura della macchina

The line is composed by the following machines and conveyor rollers:


  1. Motorized loading conveyor roller for stripes coming from previous cutting process (such as block-cut-off)
  2.  Calibration machine (3 spindles) and smoothing machine (10 spindles) that regulates the marble sheet at a fixed and constant thickness, so that the two surfaces with the biggest extension can be parallel and with the appropriate tolerances
  3. Motorized polishing unloading conveyor roller
  4. Canalization and fluids’ evacuation is covered by a grill, this allows the water to start its cooling process and the residuals to flow in the depuration’s system
  5. End -Milling’s loading motorized conveyor roller
  6. Multiple end-milling machine cuts the stripes in normal direction to its geometrical axle. Through this process can be obtained shorter stabs, but with the same initial width, that can be called tiles.
  7. Unloading motorized conveyor roller
  8. First beveling machine’s motorized loading conveyor roller
  9. First beveling machine, accomplishes the calibration and chamfers with an inclination of 45°, on the two longitudinal sides of the tile’s viewing surface
  10. Motorized tilting diverter starts the tile to the second station of beveling, perpendicularly to the arrival station so that the other two tile’s sides can be processed.
  11. Second beveling machine, accomplishes the calibration and chamfers with an inclination of 45°, on the other two sides of the tile’s viewing surface
  12. Second beveling machine’s motorized unloading conveyor roller
  13. Drying station
  14. Motorized conveyor roller
  15. Brush cleaner removes the micro-dust without reducing the shininess of the polished surfaces.
  16. Packaging and selection’s bench, where one or more worker introduce tiles in the appropriate packaging.



Marble sheet’s thickness workable10/ 80 mm
Marble sheet’s max. width workable620 mm
Fixed beveling angle45°
Material workableMarble and granite
Machines used during the processWidth’s and 4 sides’ calibration, beveling of the 4 angles of the viewing surface, smoothing and polishing machine.
Kind of productsTiles
Tiles’ standard dimensions–       300,5mmX300,5mmX10mm

–       400 mm X 400 mm X 10mm

–       600 mm X 600 mm X 15mm

Line’s length33 mt
Line’s width12 mt
Line’s high2,2 mt
Water consumption recommended- for marble520 lt/min
Max pressure of pneumatic system8 bar
Line’s overall weight – for marble28 000 kg
Overall Power – for marble225 KW
Mains frequency50 Hz
Mains voltage400 V
Phases of electricity supply3

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