Trimming machines 800

Machine for the longitudinal stripes cut, in thinner slats. The machine can accomplish this work on granite and marble. The cut is parallel to the direction of the stripes scrolling.


Struttura della macchina

The structure is composed by a belt bench in heavy carpentry, where the stripes lay on. The belt has an automatic movement adjustable with inverter.

The ascendant and descendant movement of the carrying-disk spindle’s group is automatic and by means of pinion-rack transmission.

There’s the possibility to regulate automatically the cut’s depth, thanks to a control panel and end-run setting.

The disk-carrying spindle’s group is activated through belt transmission, by a 18,5 kw motor, on the

ascendant and descendant spindle’s branch.



Max width workable800 mm
Max thickness workable80 mm
Number of cutting disk01-08
Cutting disks’ diameterFrom 350 to 400 mm
Machine’s overall width1950
Machine’s overall length4050 mm
Belt’s speed0 – 4000 mm/min
Power of the spindle’s disk motor15/ 18,5 kw
Machine’s overall weight3250 kg
Overall Power25 KW
Water consumption recommended50 lt/min
Mains frequency50 Hz
Mains voltage400 V
Phases of electricity supply3

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