Vertical edge-polisher for baseboard 20 heads

Automatic machine for vertical polishing and beveling process for marble and granite stripes


Struttura della macchina

Machine’s structure


The machine is composed by

  • a belt bench in heavy carpentry,
  • supporting spindles’ beam fixed to the base
  • system of scrolling belts that stabilizes the stripes on the beating position.

It’s made of a unit of 14 polishing spindles in vertical position, and two beveling units at 45° for both sides, each one composed by 3 spindles.

The stripe is vertically positioned along the surface that must be processed. This one is vertically blocked thanks to a pressuring belt, that compresses the stripe on the opposite side, against the scrolling belt.

On the inferior side, the stripe is supported by a horizontal supporting belt (working bench elevator) that moves up and down, based on necessity.



Working max. high150 mm
Working min. high60 mm
Working max width40 mm
Number of smoothing and polishing units14
Number of beveling units at 45°06
Utensil’s max diameter125 mm
Beveling quote automatically adjustable from the display70 mm
Scrolling belt’s speed0 – 4000 mm/min
Machine’s overall length6500 mm
Machine’s overall width1650 mm
Machine’s overall high1900 mm
Power of each polishing unit2,2 kw
Power of each beveling unit2,2 kw
Overall power30 kw
Machine’s overall weight6500
Water consumption recommended for cooling180 lt/min
Max pressure of pneumatic system8 bar
Mains frequency50 Hz
Mains voltage400 V
Phases of electricity supply3

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