6 interpolated axis milling cutter FMV 6D 3600-750

6 interpolated axis milling cutter FMV 6D 3600-750

Bridge Saw with a strong structure, powerful and fast motorization systems to complete several productions (also contouring), thanks to – an electro-spindle tilting until 90°, – an automatic working bench rotating at 360° – and a lathe attached to the working bench.

Structure of the machine

The Marble Bridge Saw, model 3600, has a load-bearing beam built in thick steel, which rests on 2 sliding tracks (parallel beams – X axis) fixed with special log bolts on the reinforced concrete shoulders (walls).

Carriage in hardened steel, to which the frame of the saddle holder is rigidly applied. Spindle driven by screw and ball screw nut with relative reducer and permanent magnet servomotor. The kinematics and the rods with bushings ensure the vertical positioning of the disc tool, called the spindle up-down axis (Z axis).

At the lower end of the primary saddle, the secondary saddle for motor-spindle is applied, which can rotate 90 ° (Axis B).

Painting performed after total sandblasting with multilayer bi-component colors. Control panel on the machine and easy to use.

The disc carriage runs on hardened wheels along the beam, on which there are 2 “V” -shaped sliding tracks (Y axis), capable of guaranteeing great speed, precision and durability. All moving parts and sliding tracks are covered with protections and bellows to prevent dust and water from damaging the machine.

The sliding of the wheels (with the relative bearings) on the “V” guides and the rack transmissions of the X-Y Axes are lubricated in an oil bath.

All the movements of the 6 interpolated axes are driven by precision vector motors (brushless), movements transmitted to the machine by means of hardened gears and racks, ground with controlled play.

Continuous Axis Movements (Axis Interpolation), controlled by electronic Drives, Inverters and Brushless Servo-Motors, in order to perform the automatic and simultaneous movement of all the Axes, once the machining program is defined.

Technical features

  • Longitudinal travel, beam sliding on wall shoulders (X axis): 4.500.0 mm
  • Cross travel, carriage sliding on beam (Y axis): 3.600,0 mm
  • Vertical disc descent stroke (Z axis): 600.0 mm
  • Vertically tilting disc for diagonal cuts (Axis B): 0 ° ÷ + 90 °
  • Max cutting depth: 220.0 mm
  • Cutting disc diameter: 500.0 mm ÷ 750.0 mm
  • Recommended water consumption: 55.0 l / min
  • Installed power: 37.0 kW
  • All axes are interpolated with each other
  • Electro-spindle with speed vector control from 0 to 6,500.0 rpm – 22.0 Kw with ISO 50 shank tiltable by 90 ° (Axis B)
  • Automatic interpolated rotating bench (Axis A): 0 ° ÷ + 360 °
  • Motorized tailstock and lathe tip for column machining (C axis)
  • For continuous machining +/- 360 ° 3,600.0 mm – 1,800.0 mm
  • Milling cutter for marble and granite
  • Axis speed
  • X axis: 20,000.0 mm / min
  • Y axis: 20,000.0 mm / min
  • Z axis: 10,000.0 mm / min
  • A axis: 1,800.0 degrees / min
  • B axis: 600.0 degrees / min
  • C axis: 800.0 degrees / min
  • Limit switch
  • Laser
  • Disc lubrication
  • Controlled by drives, brushless motors and inverters
  • Software