Semiautomatic polisher LMV 650 1 + 6

Semiautomatic polisher LMV 650 1 + 6

Semiautomatic machine for the calibration, smoothing and polishing of the marble strips.

Maximum workable width: 650 mm

Structure of the machine

Automatic Marble Polishing System 1 + 6 composed of a heavy carpentry bench for laying strips on a belt with automatic movement adjustable by means of an inverter. The belt on which the string rests runs over an interchangeable wear plate. Calibrator bridge for the up – down movement of the diamond spindle, with setting of the height on the console of the same. Mobile bridge for polishing spindles for the transversal advancement of the heads, by means of a rack and pinion transmission in an oil bath, with adjustment of the displacement by means of an inverter. Up – down movement of the polishing spindles, by means of pneumatic cylinders.

Technical features

  • Maximum workable width: 650 mm
  • Maximum workable thickness: 10 ÷ 80 mm
  • Number of calibrator groups: 01
  • Number of smoothing and polishing groups: 06
  • Ascent and descent diamonds with automatic or manual viewer of quotas
  • Bridge polishing heads with transversal movement in oil bath
  • Diamond cutter diameter: 750 mm
  • Abrasive holder plate diameter 420 mm
  • Power of each calibration group: 18.5 kW
  • Power of each polished sanding unit: 7.5 kW
  • Calibrator ascent-descent motor power: 0.75 kW
  • Bridge displacement motor power: 0.75 kW
  • Speed of the sliding belt: 0 ÷ 4000mm / min
  • Length of the machine: 6200 mm
  • Machine width: 1920 mm
  • Height of the machine: 2220 mm
  • Machine weight: 8150 kg
  • Water consumption for cooling: 140lt / min is recommended
  • Maximum pneumatic system pressure: 8 bar
  • Network frequency: 50 Hz
  • Mains voltage: 400V
  • Electricity supply phases: 3