IMV 3D 620-6 automatic multi-disc facing machine

IMV 3D 620-6 automatic multi-disc facing machine

Machine that performs multiple transversal cutting of marble or granite strips at the same time, for the production of tiles or marmette.

Structure of the machine

The structure of the Automatic Multiple End Facing Machine is composed of a belt bench with automatic movement on which the string rests.

The Pressing Unit and the abutment stop ensure correct alignment of the string in the longitudinal direction.

The Tool holder bridge consisting of 6 or more Electrospindles performs the cut to size by moving along the transverse axis (tool advancement).

The set quota, which determines the distance between two adjacent tool discs, sets the length of the tile.

The height between the discs is obtained by moving the respective carriages or saddles by means of selectors arranged on the console or push-button panel.

Technical features

  • Machine length: 3,330.0 mm (for 6 cutting heads)
  • Machine width: 2,200.0 mm
  • Cutting disc diameter: 350.0 mm
  • Number of cutting heads: from 5 to 10 (6 in this configuration)
  • Cutting width of the strips: 620.0 mm
  • Cutting thickness of the strips: 80.0 mm
  • Cutting length of the strips: at the customer’s request
  • Water consumption for cooling: 90.0 l / min is recommended (for 6 cutting heads)
  • Maximum pneumatic system pressure: 8 bar
  • Power of the single Electrospindle: 4.0 kW
  • Installed power: 32.0 kW (for 6 cutting heads)
  • Network frequency: 50.0 Hz
  • Mains voltage: 400.0V
  • Electricity supply phases: 3
  • Machine weight: 4,600.0 kg (for 6 cutting heads)