IMV E 1000 single-disc horizontal facing machine

IMV E 1000 single-disc horizontal facing machine

Machine dedicated to the transversal cutting of marble and granite slabs, by means of an electro-spindle with cutting disc-holder flanges.

Equipped with a fluid discharge tank.

Disc carrier carriage advancement by inverter. Scrolling of the material on the bench with sliding belt.

The cut is performed perpendicular to the sliding direction of the sheet.

Structure of the machine

Horizontal Heading Machine with Electromandrill is made up of a base with electro-welded folded beams in heavy carpentry, on which the tubular structure sliding bench rests.

The bridge arm on which the carriage carrying the electrospindle slides is also fixed to the base.

The movement of the Electrospindle carriage takes place by sliding 4 slides mounted on it, constrained to the linear ball guides which are fixed to the Bridge Arm;

The transmission of the movement of the Electrospindle carriage takes place by means of a worm gear reducer connected to a rack-pinion, this coupling guarantees better stability and cutting precision.

Technical features

  • Cutting thickness of the slab: 10.0 ÷ 100.0 mm
  • Cutting width of the slab: from 150.0 ÷ 1.020.0 mm
  • Cutting length of the slab: on request (with adjustment step every 50 mm)
  • Cutting tool diameter: 400.0 mm ÷ 450.0 mm
  • Bench length: 3,000.0 mm
  • Depth of the machine: 2,230.0 mm
  • Height of the machine: 1,745.0 mm
  • Ground support base (length): 1,300.0 mm
  • Ground support base (depth): 1,700.0 mm
  • Water consumption for cooling: 15.0 l / min
  • Maximum pneumatic system pressure: 8 bar
  • Machine weight: 3,500.0 kg
  • Installed power: 10.0 kW