Tiles 600 line for marble or granite LAY MV 600

Tiles 600 line for marble or granite LAY MV 600

The system is a transfer line with a settable cadence, a continuous flow for the transformation of marble or granite slabs called “strips”, into tiles or terrazzo, calibrated in thickness and on all 4 sides, smoothed, polished and bevelled.

Finally, the tile is dried and brushed, ready to be packaged in appropriate containers.

Structure of the machine

The “Marmette 600 line for marble or granite” consists of the following machines and conveyors for transport:

  1. motorized roller conveyor for loading strips from other cutting processes (eg block cutter).
  2. calibrator (3 spindles) sander-polisher (10 spindles) that adjusts the slab to a fixed and constant thickness, so that the two largest surfaces are parallel with appropriate tolerances.
  3. motorized roller conveyor for polishing unloading.
  4. fluid evacuation channel covered by a grid, starts the cooling water and processing residues to the purification plant.
  5. motorized loading roller conveyor.
  6. multiple end milling machine, cuts the strip in a direction normal to its geometric axis. slabs are obtained with a shorter length than the starting one and with a width equal to that of the strip. these slabs are called tiles or marmette.
  7. motorized unloading roller conveyor.
  8. motorized roller conveyor for loading to the first bevelling machine.
  9. 1st Bevelling machine: performs calibration and bevels with an inclination of 45 °, on the two longitudinal sides of the visible face of the tiles.
  10. motorized tilting diverter, starts the tile or tile at the second bevel processing, perpendicular to the arrival one, so that the tile can be worked on the other two parallel sides
  11. 2nd Bevelling machine: performs calibration and bevels with an inclination of 45 °, on the two remaining sides of the visible face of the tiles.
  12. motorized unloading roller conveyor of the 2nd bevelling machine.
  13. drying station.
  14. motorized roller conveyor.
  15. brush cleaner, removes the micro-dust without reducing the degree of gloss of the polished surfaces.
  16. packaging and selection bench, where one or more operators introduce the finished pieces into special containers.

Technical features

  • Workable thickness of the slab: from 10 to 80mm
  • Maximum workable width of the slab: 620mm
  • Fixed bevel angle: 45 °
  • Type of workable material: marble, granite
  • Type of processing performed on the line: calibration of the thickness and of the 4 sides, chamfering of the 4 edges of the exposed face, smoothing and polishing
  • Product type: tiles, tiles
  • Standard tile size: 300.5mm x 300.5mm x 10mm, 400mm x 400mm x 10mm, 600mm x 600mm x 15mm
  • Line length: 33mt
  • Line width: 12mt
  • Line height: 2.2mt
  • Recommended water consumption (for marble processing): 520 l / min
  • Maximum pneumatic system pressure: 8 bar
  • Total mass of the line (for marble processing): 28000 kg
  • Total power (for marble processing): 225 kW
  • Network frequency: 50 Hz
  • Mains voltage: 400 V
  • Electricity supply phases: 3