RMV 1000 drawbridge multi-disc edging machine

RMV 1000 drawbridge multi-disc edging machine

Machine for longitudinal cutting of slabs, into narrower strips.

The machine is able to perform this processing on marble or granite.

The cut is made parallel to the sliding direction of the strip.

Structure of the machine

Structure consisting of a heavy carpentry bench for the support of the slabs on the sliding belt, with automatic movement that can be adjusted by means of an inverter.
The belt on which the plate rests runs over an interchangeable wear-resistant plate.

Manual adjustment of the cutting depth, median register with threaded bar for lifting or lowering the bridge that supports the cutting disc holder spindle unit.

The disc-holding spindle unit is driven by belt transmission, by an adjustable 90 kW motor for traction of the belts and positioned above the lifting bridge. Pressing unit at the inlet, to stabilize the string before cutting.

Technical features

  • Maximum processing width: 1,000.0 mm
  • Maximum processing thickness: 80.0 mm
  • The machine can mount a number of discs ranging from 01 to 20
  • Cutting disc diameter: 350.0 mm ÷ 400.0 mm
  • Machine width: 1,700.0 mm
  • Length of the machine: 4,500.0 mm
  • Height of the machine: 2,200.0 mm
  • Belt speed: 0 ÷ 4.000,0 mm / min
  • Power per disc spindle rotation: 70.0 ÷ 90.0 kW
  • Total installed power: 100.0 kW
  • Machine weight: 4,200.0 kg
  • Water consumption for cooling: 80.0 l / min is recommended
  • Network frequency: 50 Hz
  • Mains voltage: 400.0V
  • Electricity supply phases: 3