Transport roller conveyors ROL MV 800

Transport roller conveyors ROL MV 800

Transport roller conveyors for completing Polishing or Tile Cutting Lines.

We manufacture roller conveyors based on specific applications:

  • Roller conveyors with motorized rollers, for the transport of strips or slabs of marble and granite;
  • Roller conveyors with idle rollers;
  • Roller conveyors with pneumatic cylinders for material alignment, during loading to a marble cutting or polishing machine;
  • Roller conveyors with motorized belts, for moving tiles or tiles from one machining center to the next, allowing the separation of cocciami or cutting residues by falling;

Brushes for cleaning tiles, in the post-processing phase of cutting or polishing;

Built for the transport of marble-granite strips with a width from a minimum of 400.0 mm to a maximum of 800.0 mm, and also for the transport of slabs with a width from a minimum of 1,000.0 mm to a maximum of 2,200.0 mm.

Structure of the machine

The roller conveyors consist of a frame of electro-welded steel profiles in heavy carpentry.

Stainless steel rollers are fixed on it, by means of UCP bearing supports.

In the motorized configuration, the shaft of the rollers has one end on which there is a double crown, for the transmission of the movement by means of a chain – toothed crowns, from the same motor.

To ensure the precise alignment of the strips, during the scrolling from one machining center to the other, 2 alignment blades adjustable in width are mounted on the roller tracks, able to tighten the strips themselves and blocking any transversal deviations from the sliding direction.

They can also be equipped with pneumatic cylinder aligners, which push the strand in transit, on the front alignment blade of the roller conveyor itself, in order to guarantee a precise reference position during the entry phase to a cutting machine (eg. ).

The motorized roller conveyors inserted in a polishing or cutting line communicate with each other through the control of a PLC and an inverter, in order to regulate the sliding speed of the strips-tiles in transit on them, guaranteeing the right distances between one tile and the other during the cutting, polishing and chamfering processes.

Height adjustable by registering the support feet to the floor.

Technical features

  • Roller conveyor length (L): 1,500,0 mm ÷ 3,500,0 mm
  • Useful roller conveyor width: 400,0 mm ÷ 2,200,0 mm
  • Work surface height (h): 750.0 mm
  • Rollers movement motor power: 0.37 kw ÷ 1.5 kw