TMV 1200 automatic overhead unloader

TMV 1200 automatic overhead unloader

Machine with 4-column frame that works in stationary block, for the production of strips with a maximum height of 460 mm and thickness from 10 mm up to 80 mm.

Structure of the machine

The supporting structure, the bridge and the record carriage are built in heavy carpentry. The disc holder carriage is moved by a system with “V” guides in an oil bath by means of a gearmotor / pinion / rack transmission.

In the carriage, made of a very rigid closed structure, the housing for the vertical disc holder spindle and the attachments for the horizontal disc assembly, for the main motor, for the slide and for the contrast wheels are directly obtained.

The automatic unloader with suction cups (optional) runs on runways fixed at the top of the columns.

The unloader is PLC controlled and programmed to unload the string in a vertical or horizontal position.

Technical features

  • Vertical disc diameter: 900.0 รท 1.200.0 mm
  • Horizontal disc diameter: 350.0 mm
  • Maximum useful length of the block: 3,500.0 mm
  • Maximum useful height of the block: 2,100.0 mm
  • Maximum useful width of the block: 2,200.0 mm
  • Machine length: 7,000.0 mm
  • Machine width: 5,000.0 mm
  • Height of the machine: 4.300.0 mm
  • Water consumption: 290.0 l / min
  • Installed power: 160.0 kW
  • Machine weight: 13,000.0 kg